Get Involved

Thank you for visiting this page!! We are hoping that as you have got this far you are liking what you see and feel you could benefit our teams. We have various teams within DCYC that would love extra help!

The teams involved in DCYC are as follows:

Leader on a camp - If you enjoy getting alongside young people then this job is for you. You will be a tent leader looking after a small group of the campers, you could be part of the band, part of the activities team or camp photographer - there are many jobs on camp that you can get involved in. This is a very hard but rewarding job, it is pretty full on from the minute you get up to the time you go to bed, however being on the team is filled with fun and laughter, you will bond together and be part of something amazing.

Cook - would you be willing to cook for lots of hungry mouths? If so the cooks team would love to hear from you!!

Equipment Team - the main job of the Equipment Team is to make sure that the camp site is set up and ready for the start of camp. If you are able to help put up tents, set out chairs, get all the crockery and cutlery ready then we need you!! There are jobs for everyone so please don't think you can't be of use. At the end of camp we need to turn the campsite back in to a farmers field and that is when the equipment team again come in to their own and the whole of the campsite gets packed away for another year. If you can help with either or both of these days please contact us.

Non-contact leader - If you would love to spend a week down on site overlooking the sea but feel you may not be quite on the same wave length as the youth of today then there is a job for you - there are certain jobs that don't need you to have one to one contact with the campers.

Night security - this is one of the most important jobs at camp - it will require you to stay up all night making sure that the children and campsite are kept safe.

If you feel you could help in any of these teams, please contact

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