Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child bring snacks and sweets to camp?

Yes, they can, however all food and drink at mealtimes are provided and there is an onsite tuck shop

Will it be easy for my child to make friends at camp?

We make it fun and as easy as possible for the children to get to know each other, with introductory games and get-to-know-you sessions. We make an effort to ensure children make friends on arrival and are always included in group activities.

Can my child bring their mobile phone? Will there be somewhere to charge it?

We ask that children don't bring mobile phones with them. Parents are provided with a mobile number of the Managers on site should they need to speak to their child and the children are allowed to phone home if needed

Do the kids need wellies and waterproofs?

With the unpredictable British weather, wellies and waterproofs are highly recommended, as well as sun cream and sun hats!

How much money will my child need at camp?

All activities and food/drinks are included in the initial camp cost. Children may wish to bring money for the tuck shop, book stall or beach shop at Blackpool Sands. 

Can I drop off and pick up my child for camp, or do they have to get the bus?

It is fine for parents to pick-up/drop-off children for camp, although we like to think their experience starts on the bus journey together! If you do need to drop off/pick upi your children, please contact the Manager of the camp to agree times and let you have directions

Does the bus returning from camp drop my child at the same pick-up point, or at home?

The bus drops children at the same designated destination where they were picked up from.

Will my child need to bring any money?

The fees for camp included all food, travel and organised trips, however you may want them to bring some pocket money. Your child will be encouraged to use the banking facility as DCYC can not be responsible for any personal belongings. On site there will be a tuck and book shop, and they will have the opportunity to purchase gift items or postcards.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

DCYC is sited on the coast south of Dartmouth the weather can change regularly! It is advisable to bring warm clothes, wet weather clothes including wellie boots and hot weather clothes. They will also need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and a roll mat/airbed. A full kit list will be sent out nearer the time snd be available on the website

What happens if I need to get a message to my child?

A few weeks before camp starts you will receive a letter from the camp manager with information about travel arrangements, what to bring, along with contact details of who to contact and when. It is helpful if you do need to get hold of you child that you do so in this way. The Managers may not always be able to answer their phones but will call back as soon as possible.

Is DCYC able to cater for my child's food allergies?

Our cooks teams are lead by an experienced cook who has completed a food hygiene course, and will have experience dealing with food allergies. It is really helpful if you could pass on as much information as possible about their allergies. It may be necessary for campers to bring their own replacements, soya milk for instance. If you have any further concerns please contact the Managers directly.

Are there any security arrangements, at night for instance?

Every night at DCYC a member of our night watch team is on duty. Their primary role is the safety of the site and the campers, they patrol the site throughout the night. Each member of the team has had a CRB/DBS check and a reference from a church leader or a fellow DCYC Leader. This is a vital role.

We arrive home from holiday on the day my child goes to camp, can I drop him/her down to the site on the following day?

Yes, of course. In this instance it would be a good idea to contact the Manager to arrange a suitable time, and of course to get directions to the camp site.

Can my child be in the same tent as his/her friend?

When booking your child onto their chosen Camp, please indicate with whom your child would like to share a tent with. We make sure that a camper will be in a tent with at least one friend.

What if my child has medical issues?

On part of the booking process you will be given an opportunity to give details of any medical issues your child may be experiencing. It is vital that we receive ALL relevant information. If you have particular concerns it would be advisable to contact the Camp Manager.

Where can I buy DCYC hoodies from?

Hi, the DCYC hoodies are not available this year but hopefully will be back next year

When do you find out the theme for the theme night? :)

You will find out in your joining instructions which you'll recieve approximately 3 weeks prior to camp! Suggestions are always welcome!

Where does the bus pick up from?

The bus stops are in Crediton, Exeter St David's, Cullompton and Exeter M5 Services

What time does the bus leave Cullompton for the girls camp on Sat 19th August?

Hi, you will receive a copy of the joining instructions informig you of this information

I have 3 children attending camp this year, is there a discount for siblings please?

We do not offer any sibling discount, the only discount available is for Bliss Camp

do you have shower/toilet facilities?

Yes we have shower units (new ones purchased in the last few years) and we also have toilet blocks.

Can i sign up two unsupervised 15 year olds, do we need a 'youth leader?'

No, a youth leader is not required, DCYC provides leaders to run the camps.

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