DCYC is overseen by a group of Trustees, who are responsible for the safe running and provision of all the activities provided by DCYC.

The current group of Trustees, is Philip Symons, (Chair), Norman Taylor, Derek Harris, Paul Morrish, Mike Britton, Nick Townsend, John Callard, Ally Harris and Simon Bourne.

The deed of trust states that DCYC exists as a charity for the provision of camps and house parties to facilitate the preaching of the Christian Gospel and to teach and encourage young people how to live in accordance with the teaching of the Bible. The primary role of the trustees is to support the management committee to deliver the activities of the Trust.

The biggest thrill for the trustees is to see the fun and enjoyment young people have at DCYC, and discover for themselves the truth that God loves them and passionately wants a relationship with them through Jesus.

  • I attended DCYC Boys Camps from 1971/77 where the Sites were at Looe, Corfe, Barnstable and of course Stoke Flemming. I remember the : : Coach struggling up Telegraph Hill : Rudimentary sloping corregated-iron outdoor toilets and the bucket in the green tent, and the exposed cesspit behind it, and the thankless task of a bearded officer who looked after it : Using the potato peeling machine and the smell of the Tilly Lamps in the marquees These Camps were the highlight of my teen summers